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Tree Removal and Pruning

Clean, Tactical, and Safe for your Yard

Plywood Path

To provide the best protection for our customers' yards, we take the time before every job to lay a plywood path.  Doing this helps to prevent dents and grooves to the earth, while also helping to disperse the weight of the equipment to reduce soil compaction.

plywood path tree service monona madison wi
tree removal with lift monona madison wi

Aerial Lift

In order to make the best and most precise cuts, our team uses an aerial lift to safely remove big leads out of the trees.  Using this equipment also speeds up the time to remove these leads which helps us keep our lower prices.

Safe Removal

A hard hat, safety vest, and gloves are just the beginning of the many safety procedures our crew abides by on every job.  We won't stop there! We remove large leads by rope and slowly lower them to the group.  This is accomplished by tying the proper knots around the limb and our crew on the ground slowly guiding them down to a soft landing.

tree removal safety monona madison wi
clean yard after tree service work monona madison wi

Clean Yard

On tree removals, our customers often remark that the yard is so clean it was like the tree was never even there.  This method of clean up applies to all of our services.  Our crew diligently cleans up all brush, twigs, leaves and other droppings so your family can enjoy your yard as soon as our crew leaves.

Experienced Crew

With over 15 years of experience, our crew is ready to tackle any job they perform with a professional, meticulous, and top-notch quality.  You and your family will be delighted with the work our crew completes, and joyous about enjoying the result for many years to come!

experienced tree arborist monona madison wi
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