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Tree Planting

New Trees, New Possiblities

Experienced Planting

Our crew has many years of experience in planting trees.  You can rest assured knowing the tree will be dug into a proper sized hole, both in width and depth.  It is very important for the root flare to not be fully buried beneath the soil in order for it to grow into a strong and healthy tree.

tree planting monona madison wi
potted tree planting monona madison wi

Ask Our Crew

Unsure of what to plant that will grow well in your yard?  Ask our experienced crew who can provide recommendations!  Different types of trees require different soil moisture, different amounts of light, and other specific factors.  We work with multiple local companies that allow you to walk their lot and pick a tree.  Our crew would then deliver and plant in your desired location.

Fill in the void of a tree removal!

Are you planning to have us remove one of your trees? Or perhaps you have already had a tree removed.  Maplewood Tree Care loves planting new, healthy trees that would better suit your yard!

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